Číňĺđâüţ äë˙ zurnal abnormal (ńëîâŕęč˙), ěŕé 2002

Had you ever problems with your band name? For example, wasn?t there any fans which ordered “V gymnach i proklatiach” from you? Or some ultra pagan fans which attacked you (you know, “Valhalla” is for you blasphemy against all pagans and heathens...)?
"In Anthems And Damnations" isn't our demo; it was recorded by ukrainian penguin-viking bastards valhalla. We have no relations with them 'cause they are simply as dumb as most of the pagans. We ourselves do not distribute VALHALLA's music so there were no fans that order various shit of other VALHALLAS from us. But there were several misunderstandings concerned with such a demos: for instance, some other VALHALLA records a demo which is reviewed as our one... All ultra-pagan fans are strong in their letters only. No one tried to attack us and no one will, we think... Fuck the paganism!
Your melodies are very strong and catching, in some moments they are epic and lightly melancholic. I prefer slower passages in your music, which have really mourning mood. I don?t say that you must turn to doom metal, but to give those passages bigger place. Are you agree with me? Or are you supporter of more raw and fast version of music?
We do not find any "doom" moments in our music: the real doom is THERGOTHON, SKEPTICISM and UNHOLY but we are far from their music in all ways. We do not prefer fast or slow or mid-tempo passages: we make a piece of art "as it is", with no intents to make "fast & aggressive" song or "slow and mournful" theme.
In present time we change our music making it more aggressive and raw. We couldn't say about the result 'til new album will be recorded but new poetry is more harsh and unhuman really.
What about versions of music, then we support honest and sincere music - be it Metal or Jazz or Noise or somewhat else.
Which radical differencies can you find if you compare “Wolfish Nocturne” and “Winterbastard”? And what can we expect from the new material? Do you have exact vision of next VALHALLA stuff?
There are no radical differences in our demo and our first album. They are joined with one theme of Ural; music on "Winterbastard" became the development of ideas from "The Wolfish Nocturne". It is more complex and melodic but the same in its essence.
Concerning the new material we could say that it will be completely different from both "The Wolfish Nocturne" and "Winterbastard". Also we won't discover the conception of new album - this should become some kind of surprise. The one we guarantee: no industrial or techno or some fashion elements will appear.
CD version of “Winterbastard” was sold out in three months. It?s surely also the work of NSR. Are you satisfied with Mikko?s work for you? Do you think about future cooperation? And what about limitation of your CD? Will it always be some CDs for real fans?
Mikko works well, we have no real problems with Northern Sound Records despite the fact there were some technical troubles concerned with differences of economic systems in europe and russia. Future cooperation will definitely continue. New album will be limited also in CD and LP versions - it is very important aspect. We do not care of fans or someone else: you always could get our release if you really wish this. And if you don't then it isn't our problem. Isn't so?
Cover picture of “Winterbastard” is just great! The portrait of wolf is perfect symbol of your music and ideology. Do you know some accident when man was attacked by wolf? In America in last hundred years noone was hurt by them. In spite of this fact wolves are invidious and on the edge of extermination...
Wolves are rare now and we know about just 2 or 3 attacks of wolves in our region. There were 5 or 6 humans killed by wolves - nothing special really. Except wolves, "Winterbastard" could be symbolized by lynx, raven and eagle-owl.
We do not care of extermination of wolves 'cause we couldn't influence on this situation. And we scorn greenpeace and animal militia, fuck them.
“Cold twilight of Ural?s forest...” is the part of “Wintry dreams” text. For me it?s one of the most interesting text about wintry nature. It?s glorification of the coldness and wind. It?s strange but majority of mankind hate those elements, and see nothing beautiful in them. Can you see the beauty where other see nothing?
Beauty is in the eyes of watcher. Majority of mankind is a trash to be burned in the ovens - if they don't like frost and cold winter wind then it needs to warm them in the flames of furnaces...
We definitely can see the beauty where majority sees nothing special. We do not belong to majority...
In “Towards the eternal unlight...” you sing about the end of the life. Do you believe in reincarnation, incarnations of souls...? Or is the death the ultimate end of the life for you?
We do not know what will happen after body will die. We only know that corpse will rot ot will be burnt. All kinds of carnations and so on are the fruit of imagination. Death is the ultimate end of human body. And no one knows what happens with soul or whatever it is...
Highest mountain of Ural is “Narodnaja” (1894). Do you dream about standing at the top of this mountain once? Do you have need for negotiation of this kind of “missions”?
No, we never dream of Narodnaja. Dreams are for romantic souls but not for us. Though we like to wander in the woods and bogs we have no "special missions". We just rush about there...
Ural is also know for bunch of iron mines. How it influence the environment? What do you think about Greenpeace? PERUNWIT from Poland gives part of their sales to wolves?s salvation. What about some kind of action in your area?
Here is bunch of copper mines. They badly influence on the environment so people is sickening of it. Greenpeace should be stated beyond the law and destroyed at all. All the money that PERUNWIT gives to wolves salvation probably fill the pockets of dirty bastards in governments and commitees...
Since we do not get money from our releases then we couldn't give part of it to buy a bottle of strong poison for local river... but it is inspiring idea.
Will the Satt be the only singer on the future? Maybe it should be interesting to add another type of voice (more strident) to make contrast to Satt's vocal...
We need no other vocalist. Satt knows what he does then there will be no problems. And if we'll need other voice then there is a drummer, a guitarist and a bassist in VALHALLA - they could add their own voice into music.
Your lyric on new stuff is more cynical. In which cases? Will you keep your present concept? Do you think that you can still come with something new?
Our new poetry is more cynic in all cases. it's hard to describe it in English but everyone who knows russian well enough will understand it after reading. We radically change a concepts of our poetry for the new album and we'll do come back with new album and new idea.
The ideological side of your band is extremly antireligious. What?s your opinion about worshippers? Don?t you sense the tension of your surroundings to turn you to belief? What?s more unacceptable for you – faith itself or religion as institution?
Worshippers need to be destroyed. And no one could turn us to any belief except our own one. We don't accept religion as institution but we believe in the human stupidity and in the strength of mass-killing weapon. Gun in your hand is the object of worshipping for the victim - if he won't worship he will be shot.
Can you tell us something new about your side projects – NUCLEAR WINTER, CLOSING IN ETERNITY, VELEENTOR, KALI-YUGA, VARHORN? What about MOONLIGHT (I?m big fan of gothic/dark wave music)?
Aren't there any conflicts while composing music for VALHALLA? You know, musicians with different attitude what good music is...

NUCLEAR WINTER is the project of Podonok. He doesn't take part in VALHALLA but is the member of our Circle. He recorded two albums so far - "Ode To War (Apotheosis Of Hate)" (1999) and "Beyond The Nought" (2000). First one is released through Noughtscape Productions as split-CD with THY REPENTANCE "Control Shot Of Halls Of The Red".
CLOSING THE ETERNITY is the personal project of Satt. Ambient noise/drone soundwaves of his first album, that was released through Fight Muzik, got very inspiring feedbacks from the most known European industrial authorities such as Stefan of Drone Records/MAEROR TRI/TROUM, Stefan from Athanor, Klaus from Tesco/GENOCIDE ORGAN/ANENZEPHALIA and so on... There are 5 albums recorded, the second one will be released through Fight Muzik this year.
VELEHENTOR presents lowlife side of our Circle. First album, "From The Gloom Of Graves. Stonewells Of Aeternity" should be released through Noughtscape Productions in 2002. It is dark trance ambient in the name of Death. Also we recorded "Sak Yelga" album, dedicated to Karabash - the most polluted town on Earth - dark power indistrial experience; "The Best Of America" - new album dedicated to the festivity of 11.09.2001 in New York, very cynical release, from ritual ambient to power noise. The newest album is "Enola Gay - The Rest Of Hiroshima", sounds like melodic darkwave/ambient in the name of mushroom cloud over Japan in 1945.
KALI YUGA isn't our project. Our drummer plays several gigs with this Black Metal act. But now KALI YUGA disbanded. It exists "Aham Kali" (1997) demo - very powerful Black Metal in old tradition.
VARHORN is the project of our drummer. The first album, "Vookhoo The Raven" was recorded recently. It is fast and straight Black Metal in the vein of early Norwegian tradition.
MOONLIGHT doesn't exists now. Satt decides to continue with CLOSING THE ETERNITY due to commercialisation of gothic scene both in europe and russia. "Reveries Under Moonlight" (1997) - the first and the last album of MOONLIGHT. It isn't dark but kind of gothic/etherial music.
We have no conflicts while composing music for VALHALLA: good music is always good. If we like it then we turn an idea into song; if we don't like it then we forget of it. Very simply and very handy.
Is the music important for your life? Maybe the escape from joyless reality a bit? And what about other kinds of art? For example literature, films....
Music is a real part of our life: it isn't a hobby or escape. It is the part of life. Reality is joyless so we have no need to escape from it.
Someones in VALHALLA like to read (Ambrose Bierce, Henry Miller, Yuri Mamleev), otherones like movies (Fight Club, Natural Born Killers, old horror-movies), third ones dislike everything except music.
Mother Nature is often ruthless and cruel. What?s your opinion about survival of strongest? Is the human strongest? Or is it just our dream before self-destruction?
No one will survive 'cause it needs to be immortal to survive. Ones will die right now, others will exist couple of years more but all will be dead as stone. human isn't strong but weak. We do know nothing about your dreams before self-destruction but those are dreams only. Prepare a grave for yourself right now...
Ekaterinburg was known as Sverdlovsk in communism era. I heard that it was some revolutionary or something. Am I right? Is in Russia many people who want return of “old times”? How do you like those stupid movements?
There was a jew, Jakob Sverdlov. He was a member of communist party in 1920s so our city was named in his memory. We know that Sverdlov in Norwegian means "law of the sword" so he could be a Norwegian too... Old people in russia wants to return old communist times but it is impossible now. We do not know is it stupid or not 'cause this is meanless swarming and it should be useful to imprison and kill all the politics as well as all the rest people.
Lot of young people from Russia (also from Slovakia) must move away abroad because of fucking economic situation. Don?t you think about this alternative? To move away for better life conditions like ANTHROPOLATRI (Ukrainians living in Germany).
Economic situation couldn't be absolutely fucking: you could steal a money from your state and from your people if you know how to do this. The weak ones leave their country and the strong ones continue to live further. You could trade with drugs or body parts or with bread and butter. Escapism is for weak ones but not for us. We are successful enough.
Can you imagine that your government will pass a bill for prohibition of alcohol selling under 21? How many sorts of vodka is in your country? What is the reason that Slavs are so good fiends with bottle? Aren?t you angry that world look at Russians as the nation of drunkards?
No, our goverment will never pass such a bill 'cause alcohol and vodka are important income parts of state budget - russians drink much of alcohol so there are very large money in this sphere of ecomonics. There are hundreds of kinds of vodka in our country and very few are good to drink.
Nation of drunkards - what could be better? It is voluntary genocide so we support it. We're glad of this. Nation means nothing for us - everyone stands by himself.
In your political scene there is one funny figure – Zirinovskij. He was in Slovakia and promoted his stupid CD. What about split CD VALHALLA/ZIRINOVSKIJ, ha-ha... Or maybe the TATU (by the way, very successful band in Slovakia)?
Nope. Does this fistfucking tatu is successful in Slovakia? Your people is as dumb as russians. "russians/slovakians, ab, ab in den Ofens!"
When we were the kids we loved Russians fairy tale movies like – Mđŕçčę. Do you remember this film?
Try to imagine – the battle in Stalingrad is lost for Russian army. What?s your vision of present world? Can you imagine Russians as slaves?
Yes. All Europe is the slave of jews. And russia all the times lived hardly and badly. So it should be interesting to sell our european part to Germany and siberian part - to China. It won't be worse but better maybe?
International championship in hockey in Sweden – what?s your prognosis for your team? You have lot of great players in NHL. Aren?t you afraid of total failure like in Petrohrad?
We don't care of sports.
That's it. Thanx very much for your answers and good luck with VALHALLA!!!