Čķņåšāüž äė˙ Bloody zine, ķī˙įšü 2000

Hi, How is everything in Russia?
Life here isn't addictive: we don't live but survive. It's really strange to read interviews from European bands, where they discuss their mediocre level of existence - it should be quite interesting to offer them to live in our country. Will they be ready to create after they won't have musical instruments, rehearsal room and normal studios with constant monetary problems?
There´s a previous album before “Winterbastard”. Who did release it? Talks us about this work...
We recorded a "The Wolfish Nocturne" before "Winterbastard". It's rather demo-effort... We sold just 10 or 15 tapes with it and then decide to interrupt its spreading. It sounds quite raw but those tracks got impressive feedbacks from listeners and we like them too. Music is simple and a bit less melodic than "Winterbastard". "The Wolfish Nocturne" is our first demo and it sounds very impressive for the first effort.
Your music has many common points with Black Metal, but you deny that style. Why don´t you want to be catalogued as a Black Metal band? What aspects difference you from the current Black Metal scene?
Everyone listens with his own ears... We think that "Winterbastard" couldn't be described as Black Metal 'cause our music isn't consecrated to Satan. Probably we sound like many modern "Black Metal"-bands from around the globe; but let's be honest - it isn't Real Black Metal. The True Ones Sarcofago, Volcano and Typhon are much higher than all these cradles of filth and all the rest catamenias. We understand clearly that neither our music nor poetry relate directly to Black Metal. Our music and poetry consecrated to Ancient Ural - to His mountains, forests and nature.
Your album “Winterbastard” has a limited edition of 666 copies, and a vynil version o 200 copies. Don´t you mind the popularity? We deny all the fans, popularity and musical business... We never think of these things. Popularity isn't for us 'cause Misanthropy is our way. We create for ourselves only and never regard on monetary side of our VALHALLA's existence. Popularity is not for us. “Winterbastard” is a quite strange title, does it hide a special meaning?
Yeah, there's a problem while translating Russian to English. As you know, we write our poetry in Russian only. Word "Winterbastard" is kind of linguistic trick; album could be named "Winterspawn" - the meaning should be the same approximately. And all the meaning of this title is hidden in the song with the same name. Winterbastard is the bastard child, the spawn of Blizzard, the Cold Self of Severe Ural Winter...
The sound of the album attracts my attention, is really raw and dark. Did you really want the album to sound like this, or would you like it to have a clearer and more powerful sound?
We suppose our sound isn't very dark; maybe it is cold and raw. We want the album to sound bit better. Our label reckons for better sound in the future also. But we don't intend to join to majority of popular bands with crystal-clear sound and fashionable production. We'll see ourselves as underground band only and there's no need to conquer the hearts of hundreds of thousands of sheeps. We'll reach to more powerful sound - it shouldn't become lighter or clearer. And now already we may affirm that guitars will prevails in the future releases while keyboards will move to background.
What does these words mean for Valhalla? “Wolves”, “Forest”, “Moon”, “Ural”,...
"Wolves" - True Kings of Ural Forests along with Ravens, Eagle-Owls and Lynxes.
"Forest" - a part of Kingdom of Ural along with Mountains and Lakes.
"Moon" - Majestic Eye of Nocturnal Sky. Her light is shivering, freezing and mesmerizing.
"Ural" - the Realm we're living in. All our music is dedicated to His Grandeur and Beauty.
This is main inspiration for us.
One characteristic of “Winterbastard” is that you can find melodic tracks, intense and furious songs,... Does they respond to different moods? I mean, do you have any preconceived idea of how would each song sound or not?
It is quite hard to describe exactly. Basically we create a music and it sounds very naturally for us. Its mood is created from Frost, Misanthropy and majesty of Ural Realm. We never have any special ideas or special songs. After the music is done, Satt or Schur write some lyrics for them. Names for songs are inventing right before public release - personally we never need to name our songs. Including a trumpet solo as the one one on “Starflaming Heart Of Ural” is not really usual...
Anyone who heard this track should confirm that trumpet sounds very naturally there. The history of this piece isn't quite ordinary... Satt composes this piece long time ago. But other musicians have heard it at first time just 2 hours before the studio. We rehearse it twice and then move to record it. While the recording process goes in its way, it was seemed to Satt that "Starflaming..." lacks of something. And finally he decided that trumpet will be the best decision. Satt is familiar with many local musicians so it wasn't hard for him to make things at their best. The result sounds quite impressive.
Nor Satanism or Paganism are influences for your lyrics. What do you think of the bands that use music to expand their politic ideas? What do you want to transmit with your lyrics?
We leave all politics for decaying humanity/society. The ones who find some interest in politics really rot with the other abused sheeps. We stand above them; our music and poetry are clear as ice. We never worry of human deals and fates 'cause Misanthropy is the source of our creative forces. "A human destiny but nothing human inside" (MAYHEM,"Life Eternal") - it is the essence of us.
Do you think that the translation of the lyrics from Russian to english make them to loose part of their meaning?
Yeah, that's right. Russian language is very complex from any point of view and it's just impossible to translate our poetry to other languages without some loss of its beauty. We reckon that every translation from one language to other one depends on the translator's skill and the final result is some blend of author's and translator's talents... There are several occasions when translations were much better than authentic lyrics. For example: Shakespeare's poetry in English is less impressive that some Russian translations.
Where is the music of Valhalla better received, in Russia or in the other countries?
We are just unknown band in Russia and even in our city. We got few feedbacks from listeners. Almost all of them are very positive... In russia there's kind of envy to bands that have foreign contracts. So we got several defiling feedbacks; but their authors point out no shortcomings so we ignore them... We know all our mistakes and we'll try to get rid of them at next releases.
Let your words finish the interview...
Let our music speaks instead of us.