Интервью для Blast Furnace zine, февраль 2001

How was the band formed, where, and the past and present members?
Our bio should be complete answer...
Who were some of your musical influences?
None. We dislike to listen to modern melodic metal bands that perform similar music and prefer Raw Black Metal, Death Metal, Old Thrash school, Industrial and New Age music. Our main and only influence is Ural - His Nature and Atmosphere are more than simply great...
Was anyone in bands before?
Satt came from gothic/etherial duo MOONLIGHT. All the others begin to play in the ranks of VALHALLA. As you could already know from bio, we have some projects. We couldn't say that VALHALLA is the main band: after recording of "Winterbastard" we leave it aside and now prepare some releases from other projects. When all of them will be out then we'll record a new stuff for VALHALLA.
Any plans on touring the U.S.?
No, we think. Our label couldn't pay for such travel and we don't like to appear live and play gigs. We prefer studio-work only... But we accept any proposals concerning with your country - some live practice should be useful for us probably.
What's the craziest thing that has happened to you while touring?
We have no tours and there were no any things at all...
How did you get the band name and what do you write about?
The meaning of this name for us is blasphemy against various pagans and heathens too numerous today. We never will accept ancient pagan beliefs so we desecrate them naming ourselves as VALHALLA. From this point of view we use this name in the same vein as swedish MARDUK: desecration of sacred name. Our art is consecrated to Ural, to Misanthropy and Cold Enchantment of Nature.
How often do you practice?
We have no rehearsal practice more than 1,5 years. Every musician plays and develops himself so we couldn't even say which will be the next VALHALLA's album - music could get new forms or could remain the same.
How does the writing start and explain the constuction of a great song...
It's hard to describe such process. All our songs are written in 15-20 minutes. 1-2 hours are needed for arrangements then the songs is ready. We call it inspiration and never think of basic sources of our creativity. We never force ourselves to compose music - this is very natural process and this is the way to make great songs. Nothing more...
What does the future look like for metal in europe?
Oh... Metal is commercial thing in europe. And commerce means consicous rot. We stay aside all "scenes" and "styles" while prefering to issue limited releases spitting on those who choose money and fame. We need no money, no fame, no fans - Art is prime thing for us.
Do you guys do music as your only job? Alot of musicians here think that if you get a record deal you don't have to work... i think that is a bullshit attitude..the only way to truly make it is through hard work.
It's impossible in russia to make uncommercial music only. So we have regular work besides the bands. We got no money from our deal 'cause record deal shouldn't be a monetary source only for the performer. And we work hard for all our bands of course...
Do you have a contact address where the fans can buy shirts or correspond with the band?
Shirts are commie-thing and there won't be our merchandise - music only. Our address is valhalla@newmail.ru
Anything you would like to add?
No. We stay silent and let our poetry speaks.