Интервью для какого-то польского журнала, январь 2001

How and when "Valhalla" was created?
Official bio is stored at our site but few words should be necessary: VALHALLA was founded at early 1996 by Dmitry (guitar) and Zlav (drums). The basic sources of band are unclear; the main inspirations were Ural Mountains, Their nature and Their mysteries. From that day 'til now this theme prevail in our music and poetry and all creative forces of band are consecrated to Ural.
The first demo, "The Wolfish Nocturne" was issued at spring of 1998but we don't promote it and finally sell 15-20 tapes. Songs are quite simple and raw but "...with the flame inside". Now this demo is unavailable.
Year after "The Wolfish Nocturne" we decide to record somekind of promo-tape. The fruit of our summerwork was "Winterbastard" consisting of 6 songs. We sent 9 or 10 tapes to various labels and got a contract from finnish Northern Sound Records. Then we record 4 songs more for full-length CD/LP release. CD was out in october and LP should out at early 2001. Tape-version of "Winterbastard" is issued only for CIS-countries by Blacksmith Producitons (russia) but there are few tape-items at stock of Northern Sound Records for foreign customers.
What does "Valhalla" means, and why you've called yourself like this?
There are quite lot explanations for Valhalla. We consider it as a Hall Of Golden Shields, Palace of Dead Warriors in scandinavian mythology.
The meaning of this name for us is blasphemy against various pagans and heathens too numerous today. We never will accept ancient pagan beliefs so we desecrate them naming ourselves as VALHALLA. From this point of view we use this name in the same vein as swedish MARDUK: desecration of sacred name.
What are you inspirations? I've noticed that you really don't like commercialism. Do you think that you'll always be free of that? You've told me that you're releasing your LP only in 200 copies. Is that your method?
Our main inspiration is Ural with His nature and His misanthropy. We deny the humans in ourselves - this is the second source of inspiration. So we are and should be totally uncommercial band to keep our ideas clean and free of social aspects of existence. You should agree that our words have no common points with toughts from popular metal bands. And we will be free of that 'til VALHALLA is alive. Limitation of our releases is natural for us. We don't intend to sell our Art to everyone and there's no any meaning for us to care for popularity.
Could you tell me something about underground situation in Russia? We don't know much about it.
Metal underground is rotten all over the world and in russia too. We don't care alot of russian metal 'cause it doesn't fit to our interests. We exist beyond local metal scene and only know that there are only few interesting bands in russia. We won't name them 'cause there's no any special meaning in it. Too much posers, fashion-weeds and all the rest scum around. Need to be cleansed...
I'd like to ask you some dumb question you problably don't like. How do you call the music you're playing?
Forest (Winter) Metal only. It's neither Black Metal nor pagan/heathen metal. Our Art isn't Satanic so we couldn't call it Black Metal. We deny pagan ideologies so it isn't pagan metal. So simply...
Are you planning any concerts in the rest of the Europe... not only Eastern? Maybe you'd like to visit our country? (we can talk about concert organisation).
We are interested to play live somewhere out of russia but we don't like gigs. We think it's quite useful to try ourselves at various stages. We could visit your country - it needs to discuss details of this action. Our label couldn't pay for tourings of its bands probably so we exist without gigs. We accept all proposals concerning with concerts but there could appear some troubles with russian employees while preparing such actions. Generally it needs discussing...
What are your texts talking about?
Misanthropy. The Dark Beauty Of Ural. Enchantment Of Winter Night.
And they are written by... ?
By Schur and Satt. And we plan to use Schur's poetry further.
You handle keyboards and vocals as I know. Who has sang on "Winterbastard" - You or Schur, which was fired recently?
Mostly sang Schur. My voice recorded for 4 later tracks: "Fireshine Of Lightnings", "Wintry Dreams", "Towards The Eternal Unlight ...On Black Wings Of Death" and "human Is Not!" (LP-bonus) nevertheless. Vocals for all forthcoming releases will be mine.
Are you (your band) interested (i mean do you like/listen to) in any kind of folklore or some music not connected with metal? What music do you listen to?
Personally I dislike folklore but there's such kind of music - World Music - that I like very much. I listen mostly to industrial, new age and various electronic music; but keeping my own web-zine I listen very much of underground Black Metal. My favourites in Black Metal are Darkthrone, Ildjarn, Mayhem, Beherit, Striid and all the rest raw stuff. I don't listen to various modern "black"-metallic shit kind of dimmu borgir, mystic circle, catamenia etc...
Other VALHALLA's musicians never listen to folk music. They like classics of Death and Black Metal: Morbid Angel, Death, Luciferion, Mayhem, old Emperor, old Immortal and so on.
And it should be that. VERY THANKS for interview!!