Poetry - The Wolfish Nocturne


Ural Darkness

The Reason Is Toughly Enshrouded
The Bloody Haze Hides My Sight
A Gasping Wheezing Breathe...
I Walk Away Into The Ural Woods

I Am Entailed With The Wolf's Howl
Towards The Dark Of Forest Thicket
The Deathly-Still Beauty Of Woods Draws Me
Towards The Eternal Silence Of Heathen Realm

The Bleeding Sunset Consumes The Firmament
Like A Glowing Strip Of Steel
The Day Has Failed His Everfight To Night
The Darkness Falls Upon The Ural Woods

The Reason Is Toughly Enshrouded
The Bloody Haze Hides My Sight
A Gasping Wheezing Breathe...
I Walk Away Into The Ural Woods

Being Consumed By The Ural Darkness Into The Realm Of Night
I Disappeared In The Silence Of Woods
Leaving The Filth Of Wretched World
With The Mourning Songs Of Wolves...

Flowers Of The Evil

Through The Steadfastness Of Centuries Growing Up
Are The Dead Stalks
Dimly Glaring In The Moonshine
Are Cold Roses

Putrid Stench Of Flowers Of Evil
Is The Fragrance Of Death
In The Silvery Shine Of Cold Thorns There Are
Bloody Streams

Like The Fingers Of Black Iron Hand
Are The Panzers Of Buds
The Cold Of Their Leaves Like The Razorblade
Cuts The Flesh

The Black Night Is Fulfilled With Silent Knell
With The Singing Of Death
With The Twittering Of Dead Phantom Birds
In The Dead Roses

Through The Steadfastness Of Centuries Growing Up
Are The Dead Stalks...
Steel Of Thorns, Ice Of Buds
Blades Of Leaves...
Those Were Inhaling The Aroma
Of Flowers Of The Evil In The Black Night
Are Consumed Forever With The Coldness
Of Lifeless Realms

The Wolfish Nocturne

...And Again - Into Cold Twilight
Of Dense Ural Woods
Under Marbled Cloudy Sky
I Go Away... Away...
Lost In The Forest Marshes
I See No Sunlight
I Roam Solely Being Worn With Grey Fur
Burdened With Sorrow And Spite
And At Night Like A Shadow In Silence
I Run Forth Upon The Fresh Snow
Through The Firwooden Thicket
And The Eyes Blink In Its Dusk...
I Gaze Into Starion Sky
From Where The Lonesome Moon
Surrounded With Spectral Halo
Enlightens The Woods With Its Silversome Light
The Wind Roams In The Branches Of Trees
And Throws The Snow Off Them...
The Fur Is Silver With Frost...
And Again - The Aimless Run...
... No, Not There Where The Sun Rises On
Mornings Endawning The Woods
With The Crimson Aurora's Light
No, There's No Aim Of Mine...
The Moon Fades With The Sunrise
The Snow Sparkles Under My Paws
The Gloomy Green Forest Stands In Front Of Me
This Forest Is My Stronghold...
I Go Into Darkness Forever
Under The Dome Of Woods And Of Sky
I Go Away From The World Of humans
Into The Ural, Where I Never Roam Before...

Song Of Death

Cold... Cold... Beastial Frost...
Hunger... Death... Everyone Is Dead Of A Plague...
Night... Gloom... The Moon High Above...
In Darkness There're Heard The Moaning Of The Wind

Rocks And Woods Are Frozen To Death...
The Wind In The Sky Severes The Clouds...
The Snowstorm... The Snow Covers
Everything Around... The Blackening Moon...

The Ravens Fly High In The Nebular Sky...
Their Power Of Darkness Flows In The Winds...
The Death Is The Queen Of These Dominions...
The Wind Is The King Singing Wintry Songs...

The Cold And The Winter Are Eternal Here...
Here's No Warmth - The Sun Is Dead Here...
Iced Landscapes... Boreal Wind...
The Endless Darkness... Noone's Alive...

Cold... Cold... Frost And Plague...
Cold And Death... Wind And Fright...
Horror And Night... Darkness And Moon...
The Realm Of The Death Is Buried Under Ice...

Postludium (The Wolf And The Night)

A Fang Tearing The Tough Flesh
A Claw Eclipsed With Its Shine The Moon
It Is Wolf Bleeding The Dawn
It Is Howl Ruining The Silence Of Night

The Silvershine Of Fullmoon
The Cold Eyes Are Like Glittering Steel
Fouled Trails Of Wolfish Paws
The Grey Haze Of Frosty Traceries

The lyrics for "Dissolved In The Ural Woods" and for "Legions Of Darkness" aren't translated yet, so wait...soon they'll be done. The authentic poetry (in Russian) for demo and CD is kept here...

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